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12 Best Microphone For Vlogging in 2023

Vlogging, or video blogging, has become an increasingly popular way to share your life with the world. For many vloggers, the cornerstone of their channel is the quality of their videos, so it’s important to choose a good microphone if you want to be taken seriously.

Best Microphone For Vlogging

In this article, we explore some of the best microphone for vlogging in 2022 by looking at their features and asking professionals what they recommend. We hope you find our recommendations helpful! Are you interested in starting a vlog but don’t know which microphone to buy?

This guide will help you choose the best microphone for your needs based on your budget and the type of videos you want to make.

Editor’s Pick: Rode VideoMic GO is the best quality and best value for money.

 Blue yeti is one of the top budget mic and features with three selected polar patterns to minimize noise level.

Rode Wireless Go is one of the most expensive on this list and comes with nine pickup patterns and bass cut filter to reduce wind noise.

The ECM-LVA1 is Sony’s best lavalier microphone. If you’re recording a solo podcast, it can be hard to find an affordable good microphone without requiring cumbersome mixing and processing. However, Sony did just that with their ECM-LVA1 Lavalier Microphone.

This tiny mic can help improve your audio quality in a big way. What I love about it is that it has both omnidirectional and cardioid patterns on two separate switches – which makes it suitable for both solo podcasts or vlogs with multiple people talking at once. It’s even highly recommended by other podcasters!

Although there are plenty of great things about Sony’s ECM-LVA1, there are also some drawbacks. One of my biggest gripes is that there isn’t any shockmount included (which means it might pick up every single sound around you).

Another thing to note is that while its sound quality is better than most microphones under $100, it still doesn’t quite match up to more expensive options like Rode mics.



If you’re looking to pick up a quality lapel microphone, look no further than Audio-Technica’s ATR2100. This simple, professional and versatile microphone is one of my personal favorites. It comes with a mini-XLR connector that plugs directly into any XLR input and delivers clear sound.

However, if you want a wireless solution that won’t require you to tie your phone to your body or use a bulky mic arm mount, go with Rode’s VideoMic GO lavalier mic system.

While many vloggers choose to shoot videos without an external audio source, those who choose to include external audio will likely be shooting interviews or speaking over background music. For these situations, it makes sense to invest in a high-quality unidirectional condenser microphone like Rode’s NTG2 shotgun mic.



Want to be seen as the go-to source for high-quality audio footage? The Wireless GO is your solution. This ultra-compact wireless microphone system is unique in its clip’n’go versatility and incredibly compact form-factor.

The transmitter features an in-built omnidirectional condenser capsule and can be used as a clip-on mic or with a RØDE lavalier, sending crystal-clear, broadcast-grade audio via 2.4GHz digital transmission to the on-camera receiver.

It’s the perfect wireless mic solution for content creators in all disciplines: filmmakers, on-camera presenters, reporters, and more. 



The Rode VideoMic GO Lightweight On Camera Microphone with Integrated Rycote Shockmount, MultiColored is an audio-video hybrid that’s great for capturing crisp, clean sound on your camera. It features a cardioid polar pattern and three levels of sensitivity control—including an on/off switch—that allow you to easily eliminate background noise without sacrificing video quality.

A unique, integrated Rycote shock mount also helps combat unwanted vibrations and movements, making it easy to record professional audio that sounds just as good as it looks. In addition to its built-in microphone, there are XLR ports available in case you want to plug in additional mics.

As noted above, one of the main reasons why we love it so much is because of how easy it is to use; anyone can pick up and start recording right away. You can also use your smartphone or tablet if you don’t have access to other equipment (or simply prefer not to carry extra weight).

While some users complain about low-quality components and difficulty connecting via Bluetooth, these issues don’t seem widespread enough to detract from what really matters: This microphone gets high marks across all categories (audio quality, ease of use) while remaining relatively affordable.



The Blue Yeti USB Mic for Recording and Streaming on PC and Mac is a great option for those on a tight budget. This mic gives you really clear sound, plenty of levels to work with and no latency issues that are often present with PC mics.

With one less piece of equipment to worry about, it’s easy to get started recording on your computer without breaking the bank. Plus, it comes in beautiful colors so it will match any setup!



Today, everyone has a smartphone, and with that comes a powerful video camera. With just your phone, you can shoot professional-looking videos to create tutorials or highlight important moments. When choosing a video mic for iPhone or Android, it’s important to consider its versatility and performance in different environments.

Comica CVM-VM10-K2 Filmmaker Mini Tripod with Shotgun Video Microphone for iPhone and Android is equipped with a microphone shock mount to keep noise from unwanted vibrations to a minimum.

It also features an integrated shock absorber for even more vibration dampening during loud events like concerts and live performances. This tripod stand is lightweight, portable, and easy to use — not to mention it’s pretty darn cheap for what you get!

The Comica CVM-VM10-K2 Filmmaker Mini Tripod with Shotgun Video Microphone is perfect for filming concerts, live performances, weddings and more!

It’s equipped with a microphone shock mount to keep noise from unwanted vibrations to a minimum.

It also features an integrated shock absorber for even more vibration dampening during loud events like concerts and live performances.



Digital stereo condenser mic for recording professional-quality audio with your iOS device. The MV88 captures better audio than iPhone/iPad built-in mics and works with Apple Lightning, iPod touch, iPad and iPhone as well as Android devices.

This microphone has an iOS version so you can use it with both iPhones and iPads. It is a digital condenser microphone that allows you to capture high quality sound on any video or audio recording app like GarageBand or iMovie.



Say goodbye to shaky, muffled videos and audio recordings! The BOYA BY-M1 omnidirectional lavalier microphone is the perfect choice for improving your video and audio quality.

Its custom omnidirectional signal capsule captures broadcast-quality sound from a 360-degree range, delivering it to your recording device via its 6m(20’) shielded cable for clear, crisp audio.

Plus, its improved sensitivity, signal-to-noise and flat frequency response make it ideal for capturing sound in all conditions. So ditch those old recordings and start shooting high quality videos that will wow your audience!



The Movo VXR10 Universal Video Microphone with Shock Mount, Deadcat Windscreen, Case for iPhone, Android Smartphones, Canon EOS, Nikon DSLR Cameras and Camcorders is a great camera microphone because it’s so versatile. If you’re starting a YouTube channel or just looking to capture sound on your phone more easily, it can be hard to know what type of microphone you need.

The VXR10 Universal Video Microphone with Shock Mount will work with most smartphones and devices that have an audio jack. It’s also compatible with DSLRs and camcorders as well as other professional video cameras.

Experience crisp and clear audio on your videos and photos with the Movo VXR10 Universal Video Microphone with Shock Mount, Deadcat Windscreen, Case for iPhone, Android Smartphones, Canon EOS, Nikon DSLR Cameras and Camcorders – Perfect Camera Microphone, Shotgun Mic.

The Movo VXR10 is both a functional and great-looking device. The shotgun design and high-performance cardioid pickup pattern allow the device to detect sound in the direction it is facing to avoid background noise and to isolate the voice of a person up to 25 feet away. It offers great sound clarity and the wide frequency recording range captures a broader spectrum of sound, from low frequencies to high.

The VXR10 also features a universal thread mount and a hole for tripod attachment which allows you to shoot better video. Package contents include VXR10 Microphone, Deadcat Windscreen, Microphone for Smartphone, Microphone for Camera, Windscreen for Smartphone, Windscreen for Camera, Microphone Case for Smartphone, Microphone Case for Camera, Smartphone Case and Plastic Tripod Mount.



One of our favorite vlogging microphones is TAKSTAR SGC-598. It’s built with a condenser capsule, which makes it super sensitive to sounds and great for picking up voices.

The best part is that it’s also inexpensive at just $50. If you want an affordable mic that won’t distort or pick up other noises in your room, then SGC-598 is a good choice.

As long as you stay away from bright lights and loud background noises, SGC-598 will do a great job of capturing your voice without any added distortion. Plus, there’s an included pop filter to prevent unwanted pops when recording on windy days!



Rode SmartLav+ Omnidirectional is a lavalier microphone, perfect tool for vlogging and recording in-person sound, without adding in any unwanted noise. Because It is designed to be clipped onto clothing, they sit close to your mouth and pick up a lot of detailed speech sounds, but almost nothing from elsewhere.

You can easily connect them with all kinds of devices: recorders, smartphones, tablets… pretty much anything that has an input jack for some sort of audio or mic cable.
Rode SmartLav+ comes in many different shapes and sizes, and have various levels of quality built into them. If you’re going for portability and ease-of-use, go with a clip-on variety like our pick above from bright lights and loud background noises, it will do a great job of capturing your voice without any added distortion.

Plus, there’s an included pop filter to prevent unwanted pops when recording on windy days!



This Professional Vlogging Kit could be one of your best purchases ever! What makes Moukey Video Microphone best is that it comes with 3 years of warranty and lifetime customer support so in case if you have any questions regarding any features of microphone or not satisfied by our product then please feel free to contact us anytime without any hesitation!

The Vlogging kit includes a shock mount, windshield, foam cover and a carrying bag. It has an attachment clip so you can easily install it on your camera, camcorder or smartphone. This mic is also battery-free, meaning you don’t have to deal with any problems of noise. It also allows you to record crystal clear sound every time with its flexible metal gooseneck boom arm.




With the right microphone, you can make your videos sound up to par with other popular content creators. The wrong microphone can make your videos sound worse than a handheld camera. The best microphone for vlogging are the ones that best suit your needs. Factors you should consider when buying a microphone for youtube vlogging include: acoustic performance, compatibility, and price.

Thanks for reading our article on the best microphone for Vlogging. As you’ve read, there are many different kinds of microphones. We hope you found one that will work for you. If you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact us.


What do YouTubers use for audio?

Lavalier mics for recording are pretty much an industry standard. Other use mics Cardioid mics for vlogging and shotgun mics are also very common. However lavalier mics are preferred by many YouTubers for voice recording.

How do vloggers hold their camera?

It depends on the usage of the microphone. The majority of vloggers prefer handheld mics, while others use a lapial mic or clip mic. It is always advisable to use a boomstand or tripod stand for smooth camera movement while recording.

What is the best beginner vlog camera?

Best beginner vlog camera at a glance

  • Canon G7X Mark II
  • Sony a6000
  • Canon VIXIA HF R800
  • Canon EOS Rebel T8i (850D)

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