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Best Microphones for DSLR Video Cameras | Budget DSLR Microphones: Top 12 Reviewed and Rated Mics for 2022

When you are looking to create a video, one of the first things you will want to ensure is that your audio is as good as your video. Most cameras come with a built-in microphone that is good for capturing the audio from the scene, but it doesn’t sound like you are getting it from a high end movie.

DSLR video is becoming more and more popular, and with good reason. With DSLR video, you can capture high-quality footage that is perfect for sharing your stories and capturing memories. But with great video comes great responsibility. That’s why it’s important to choose the right microphone for your DSLR camera.

To get professional results, you will want to get a best microphones for DSLR Video Cameras. Here is a list of the best microphones for DSLR video cameras in 2022.

  1. Compact Directional On-Camera Microphone – Rode VideoMicPro
  2. Directional Compact Shotgun MicrophoneSennheiser MKE 400
  3. Superb performance Directional MicrophoneCanon Directional Microphone DM-E1
  4. Perfect for DSLR CamerasAzden High-performance (SMX-10) Stereo Condenser Microphone
  5. Mid-side Shotgun MicZoom SSH-6 Stereo Shotgun Microphone Capsule
  6. Best Microphones For DSLR Video CamerasTascam TM-2X Stereo X-Y Microphone
  7. Professional Handheld Dynamic MicrophoneShure VP64A Omnidirectional Handheld Microphone
  8. Professional & Favorable Microphone For VloggingThe BOYA BY-MM1
  9. Shotgun Condenser Video MicrophoneSaramonic VMIC Recorder Super-Cardioid Video Microphone
  10. Best OverallRode Videomicro Compact
  11. Best Budget Mic For DSLR CamerasMV88+ VIDEO KIT
  12. Best Omnidirectional MicrophoneAudio-Technica Dynamic Microphone AT8004

Top 12 Best Microphones For DSLR Video Cameras 2022 Reviews

Rode has come up with a very compact video microphone that will be perfect for those who want to shoot videos with their DSLRs. The video mic is very small and lightweight and attaches to the camera hot shoe or microphone attachment (suitable for Canon, Nikon and Sony DSLRs).


  • Onboard with Rycote Lyre shock mounting
  • Highly sensitive Capsule
  • Condenser microphone ideal for recording
  • Portable audio receiver
  • Shock mount and foam windscreen integrated
  • 3/8” thread shoe mount for boompole mounting

It is a good choice for those who want to shoot quick videos or small events. This is a good choice for those who want to do a lot of video blogging or to do some video journalism.



Ideal supercardioid shotgun mic for in camera audio isolation and enhancement.

Sennheiser is a microphone manufacturer that has been around for many years. With a wide range of products. In the area of microphones, they have a wide choice of models to suit a number of applications, from small portable units to full size studio models.

The MKE 400 shotgun microphone is a small handheld shotgun microphone that is designed to work well with DSLR and camcorder video cameras.


  • Rejected of unwanted sound with its acoustic interference tube
  • Maintain the highest standard of recording quality for dialogue applications.
  • Compatiblity with DSLR/M cameras and mobile devices
  • 100 hours of battery life
  • easily mounted with cold-shoe mount
  • Auto powers on/off feature

It is very suitable for shooting on location and is also perfect for adding a little ambiance. It has a frequency response range of 20 Hz to 16 kHz. It is a dynamic mic and has a cardioid polar pattern, and it is omnidirectional with a frequency response of 80 Hz to 20 kHz. It uses a 3.5 mm stereo jack, so it is not suitable for use with DSLR or camcorder video cameras. It will require a special cable adaptor.

It is a rugged microphone and has a shock mount with it.



Are you struggling to get clear audio when filming videos? Worry no more because the Canon DM-E1 directional microphone is here to rescue you!

This precision-made microphone is equipped with directional controls to suit the environment and your shooting needs, making it easier than ever to capture crystal-clear audio.

The shotgun mode keeps audio focused on a subject directly in front of the camera, while stereo mode captures audio over a wider area. So, whether you’re a seasoned videographer or just starting out, the DM-E1 is your perfect solution for high-quality video recordings!


  • Screen helps reduce peripheral sound
  • Frequency response of 50 Hz to 16 kHz
  • Built-in power supply of a single button-type lithium cell battery
  • Shock mount construction helps reduce camera operation noise
  • Compatible with select Canon EOS series digital cameras
  • Crisp sound with superb performance

The new Canon directional microphone DM-E1 is the perfect tool for capturing crisp sound with superb performance. Boasting a 90°/120° stereo pickup pattern, this microphone is perfect for recording audio over a wide range, making it ideal for documentary films and videos.

Thanks to its directional controls, you can easily adjust the mic’s pickup pattern to suit the environment and your shooting needs.

So don’t miss out on capturing high-quality audio that will bring your videos to life! Order your DM-E1 today!



The Azden SMX-10, which is a hand-held stereo microphone, comes with a wind protection screen and a large foam windscreen cover that protects it from the wind.


  • Designed for DSLR and mirrorless cameras
  • Directional stereo microphone
  • Wide frequency response
  • Low-cut frequency filter
  • Powered by AAA battery or plug-in power
    3.5mm mini-plug stereo output
  • Comes with premium shock mount and windscreen

It is a directional microphone that is designed to be used in live situations. It comes with a 1/4′ (6.3 mm) mini XLR connection cable and a 1/4′ (6.3 mm) adapter to connect to most audio recording devices.

It is made of hard rubber with the exterior of the mic body being made of aluminum. It has a rubberized hand grip and the mic itself is made of stainless steel.

The mic is designed to be handheld and it has a microphone clip to attach the mic to a camera. It is designed to have high quality sound at low noise levels. It is supplied with a windscreen and a 3.5′ (1.05 m) cable.



The Zoom SSH-6 is a shotgun microphone in a capsule form factor ideal for DSLR cameras. It is a dynamic shotgun that can be handheld or fixed in position and it can be used for interviews.


  • Shotgun mic capsule for the Zoom H5 and H6 Handy
  • Video Recorder allows Mid-Side recording
  • Advanced digital pickup power make it perfect for film, video, and live theater applications
  • Analog mic control input level upto 5-volt preamp.

It will record stereo audio and will work with a variety of camera models. It is a good choice for DSLR users because it has a fixed and a handheld option.

Zoom have designed the mic for the use in a variety of studio and field situations. This is made possible by the variable polar pattern and the omnidirectional polar pattern. This means the mic will pick up sounds from any direction, which makes it an excellent choice for interviews.

It has a frequency response of 20Hz to 13kHz with a low frequency roll off of -15dB, which is standard for most recording applications.

It has a high output of 105dB, to ensure that this best microphones for DSLR Video Camera is used in a wide variety of situations, Zoom have made it weatherproof.



Are you a videographer who wants to up your game? Look no further than the TASCAM TM-2X Stereo X-Y Microphone.

TASCAM has always been a brand that focuses on delivering quality gear to its customers, and the TM-2X is no exception. This professional video microphone is designed for DSLR cameras, and uses advanced technology to capture high-quality sounds that are perfect for videos that need to be soundtracked with realism.


  • Directional stereo condenser microphone
  • Handle high sound pressure
  • Compatibility with a variety of cameras
  • Shoe adapter (ISO/JIS specification compliant)
  • Tripod mounting threads Allow it to attached to a camera tripod

With its stereo X-Y configuration, you can get clear and accurate audio recordings that will help your videos stand out from the rest. So, if you’re serious about making your videos look and sound amazing, make the investment and get yourself a TASCAM TM-2X Stereo X-Y Microphone today!

It features two X-Y condenser capsules for clear, accurate sound recording, as well as a high-sensitivity XLR mic input for superior performance in noisy environments.

Whether you’re a budding filmmaker or an experienced user, the TM-2X is an essential accessory for quality video recordings. Order yours today and start capturing your most precious memories in crystal clear detail!



The Shure VP64A is a condenser type microphone that is designed for the use in handheld recording. The microphone is designed to be used in an omnidirectional manner.

It produces a quality sound. It has a metal chassis designed to be able to support the microphone and to protect it from being dropped. It has a shock mount to prevent any unwanted vibrations.


  • Neodymium magnet cartridge for increased output and maximized signal-to-noise ratio
  • Tailored frequency response for optimum speech clarity
  • A microphone with an omnidirectional polar pattern does not require precise positioning
  • Water-rproof
  • Handheld microphone

The Shure VP64A has a switchable control for sensitivity that allows you to reproduce a quality sound over either long or short distances.

While a single AAA alkaline battery will deliver a staggering three hundred hours of use.

It has a built in wind filter that will cut out light wind noise, though, if you will be working in high wind environments a muff will be needed as with all mics. It is made in the USA.



Recording videos has never been this easy! The BOYA BY-MM1 cardioid microphone is specially designed to improve the sound quality of videos on the basis of its built-in microphones.

With both TRS cable and TRRS output cable included, it can be used on Smartphones, cameras, camcorders, audio recorders, PCs, and other audio/video recording devices.


  • Work with smartphones, DSLRs, PCs,
    Consumer camcorders etc.
  • TRS and TRRS cable and furry windshield 
  • Compact and portable.
  • cardioid pickup polar pattern.
  • Easy plug and play.

The compact size and light weight aluminium constructure makes it a breeze to carry around while shooting.

It comes with both a TRS cable and TRRS output cable, so you can use it with a variety of devices. Plus, its Plug and Play design makes set up a breeze – no need to fuss with batteries. So what are you waiting for? Order now!



Recording a video interview or making a recording of a live performance? The Saramonic Vmic Recorder is the perfect mic for the job!

Capable of capturing 16-bit/48kHz wav audio files, this professional-grade mic is perfect for DSLR cameras and camcorders.


  • Supercardioid polar pattern
  • Records 16-bit/48kHz wav audio to a MicroSDHC card
  • Easy-to-use menu system and LCD display
  • Switchable low-cut filter
  • Standard size shoe mount
  • Lightweight metal designed

With its easy-to-use one-button recording and easy-to-read menu display, making your recording work much easier is a breeze.

Plus, the detachable 3.5mm cable connects the Vmic Recorder to your camera’s audio input, making it easy to get great sound quality without having to worry about pesky cables getting in the way. So what are you waiting!

With the Saramonic Vmic Recorder, your DSLR or camcorder can now capture amazing audio quality with minimal effort.

Thanks to its integrated flash recording, you can easily record high-quality audio files that can be stored on a MicroSDHC card for easy playback and editing.

The easy-to-use one-button recording and easy-to-read menu display make recording work much easier, while the detachable Cable makes transferring audio files to your computer quick and easy.

So why wait? Get your Saramonic Vmic Recorder today!



Want your videos to sound as good as they look? Then get the Rode VideoMicro! The VideoMicro is a compact directional microphone designed for DSLR cameras, smartphones, and camcorders.

Rode offers a variety of on-camera microphones, each suited for a different purpose. In this article, we’ll primarily be focusing on the company’s directional shotgun-style mics for film.

However, Rode also offers a line of Stereo VideoMics for those interested in capturing high-quality audio.

When it comes to on-camera microphones for film, Rode offers a variety of shotgun-style mics to choose from.

A directional microphone reduces background noise while recording. It also reduces distracting peripheral sounds, making it ideally suited for recordings indoors.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Auto plug-in power (No battery required)
  • Rycote Lyre shock mount handle noise and provide isolation from vibration
  • Deluxe furry windshield to minimize wind noise

This compact microphone is designed to work with a wide range of cameras, and its cardioid condenser microphone capsule delivers awesome sound quality.

Its aluminium body coated with ceramic anti-glare coating adds the additional feature of rejecting RF frequency.
So grab your Rode VideoMicro today and see for yourself just how much better your videos can sound!



So you’ve got a cool microphone, and it’s time to take it for a test drive.

You might be thinking that this is just another thing that you can plug into your phone or computer and use to record yourself singing Taylor Swift songs while you’re in the shower. But not so fast—this mic has a lot more options than that!

  • Compatible with iOS, Android & Desktop compatible
  • Built-in headphone
    Suitable for livestreaming
  • ShurePlus MOTIV Audio & ShurePlus MOTIV ensure customized performance professional audio and video capture
  • Charge on the move
  • Multiple Polar pattern options for ultimate flexibility

The Shure MV88+ Video Kit comes iOS-compatible Lightning cable, an Android-compatible USB-C cable, and a desktop adapter so that even if you don’t have a smartphone, you’ll still be able to record some pretty sweet tunes.

Once you’ve got all of the cables plugged in, it’s time to start recording. Just like any other microphone, the MV88+ has multiple polar patterns and stereo width settings so you can adjust how much of your voice is coming through loud and clear.

But wait—there’s more! When you’re ready to livestream your new hit single on Instagram Live or YouTube Live, just connect your phone to the MV88+ using either one of those cables (or both).



Audio-Technica is a well-known and respected manufacturer of quality microphones. The AT2020 microphone is no exception, with a tough housing and steel grille that can withstand impact.


  • Perfect for interviews and live broadcasting
  • Original sound
  • Omnidirectional polar pattern provides natural ambiance
  • Rugged and steel grille
  • Internal shock mounting system reduce handling noise

It is a dynamic mic with an omnidirectional polar pattern, meaning that some surround sound will be picked up. This may be a negative aspect for some users, but others may find it essential for creating the desired ambiance in their recordings.

This microphone is designed for collecting speech in environments where people may not be used to being interviewed, such as at sports events. Its shock mounting system reduces handling noise, and it reproduces the voice naturally. It is handheld, making it ideal for use in the field.




In this article, we are going to discuss what we think are the best microphones for DSLR video cameras in 2022. We have included a wide range of microphones, from shotgun microphones to handheld microphones. The microphones we have included in our list are the best in their class. We hope you find our list helpful when shopping for a microphone for your DSLR camera.

The list of best microphones for DSLR video cameras is a good start for anyone who is looking to record audio with their DSLR. We hope that you have found this article useful and we encourage you to share it with your friends and family. To learn more about DSLR cameras and photography, please visit hello@micforyou.com.


What is the best microphone for a camera?

The best microphone for DSLR camera is so far Tascam TM-2X Stereo X-Y Microphone For DSLR Cameras based on best sound quality, easy to use and more compatibility. 

How do I connect a microphone to my camera?

For enhancing sound quality with DSLR camera, you need to take the cable which is a 3.5 millimeter TRS plug and connect that to your microphone’s camers output.

How do you use a rode mic on a DSLR?

There’s no locking pin for the Rode Videomic Pro, it’s simply slide it into the little locking nut and then tighten down strongly.

What is a camera mic called?

In most cases, it is referred to as a lav mic or a lapel mic. A clip can be attached to the clothing of the speaker, while the other end plugs into the camera. Since it is the best microphone for DSLR cameras, podcasting, vlogging, and live streaming, etc.

Why are external mics better?

An external microphone is a better option than built-in mic for cameras as it captures sound easily and has long battery life.

Is rode or Shure better?

Shure SM7B’s reliability is likely to be higher than Rode NT1’s because of the internal technology differences. Dynamic microphones like the Shure SM7B are more durable and can generally withstand more punishment due to their tough internal design.

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