Top 6 Best Microphones used by Famous Singers

Updated: June 13, 2022


Want to buy the best microphones used by famous singers?

You’ll be surprised to know what these top six best microphones are?

Best Microphones used by Famous Singers

These best microphones were chosen based on their sound quality, polar patterns, frequency response, price, and popularity among famous singers. Read on to find out more!

You may have never considered the microphones used by your favorite singers, but each one has a story and a unique sound.

In this article, we’ll take a look at six of the most popular microphones used by famous singers.

The following top six best microphones are among the most popular ever used by famous singers.

Best Microphones used by Famous Singers

Shure SM7B

No list would be complete without the Shure SM7B. This legendary microphone still sees massive popularity among podcasters and singers alike. In the record industry, notable users include Michael Jackson – who used the SM7B to record the vocals on his acclaimed Thriller! album, Sheryl Crow, and a recent convert is none other than Bob Dylan.

While the SM58 is widely known as one of the best microphones for singers on the road, the Shure Beta 58A proves that there is always room for improvement – even on an already legendary product. By combining sophisticated microphone technology with the tried and tested 58 body, the Beta 58A takes the Shure 58 series to new heights.

Favored by singers such as Kurt Cobain, David Bowie, and Elton John, the Shure Beta 58A has firmly established itself as a mainstay in even the highest-end touring rigs around the world. If you are looking for a microphone that is extremely rugged, without sacrificing audio quality, then you can’t go wrong with this mic.

Shure beta 58A

The Shure beta 58A is a great microphone for many reasons. It’s one of the first dynamic microphones with a large diaphragm that actually produces a more realistic sound than the earlier condenser models.

It also has a frequency response that is more than adequate for recording vocals. It is a large-diaphragm dynamic with a cardioid polar pattern so it’s easy to use for vocal recording on the stage and even in the studio. Its cardioid polar pattern results in a more even sound across the spectrum.

This microphone is one of the most popular and affordable in the market. It has a price tag of just $99.99.
The Shure beta 58 microphone is used by pop singer LADY GAGA in most of her performances.

Sennheiser e945

Just below the Shure is the Sennheiser E945. This microphone is primarily used for voice-overs and is also versatile to use in live situations. This mic is used by many famous pop singers like Madonna, Drake in their concerts.

The Sennheiser E945 is good for any situation, as long as you can hear what you are recording. This mic has the ability to capture any type of sound, and is perfect for any vocalist, from rock & roll to hip-hop.undefined The Sennheiser E945 has a really good sound for its price.

This is a dynamic microphone, meaning that it has an internal condenser capsule that provides the most accurate sound.

Neumann U47

The Neumann U47 is arguably one of the most popular microphones among legends such as Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, and Jim Morrison. It is an electret condenser microphone which is a type of capacitor microphone.

The microphone is housed in a metal case with a large diaphragm that serves as the sensitive element which picks up sound.
The microphone’s sensitivity is adjustable in a range of 2 to 20,000 Hz. The Neumann U47 is a very basic microphone that has a flat frequency response from 800 Hz to 20 khz. The design also allows for an extended high frequency response beyond 20 khz.
The microphone also has a high sensitivity of around 160 volts/pk-pk. The microphone is very rugged, has a long warranty, and is very easy to operate with a remote control. The Neumann U47 has a very natural and clean sound with a slight emphasis on midrange.

The Neumann U47 is a great microphone for singers and voice-over artists because of its versatility and reliability.

Electro-Voice RE20

Bob Dylan is a singer-songwriter who is one of the most influential figures in American music. He has used a variety of mics throughout his career, primarily using the ElectroVoice RE20 or AKG C12A tube condenser mics for live performances and concerts, and the Sennheisere 609 S409 series mics for recording albums.
With a cardioid pattern, you’ll get crisp audio with minimal background noise. However, its low sensitivity isn’t suited for vocal applications. This mic is perfect for interviews or music recording as its a great all-around mic. While it’s not for vocals, it comes in a great package. It’s perfect for podcasting, vlogging, music recording, or anywhere you need to capture audio.

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Audio-Technica AT2020

This is the newest entry on our list of best microphones for singers. Mac Demarco, Billie, and Finneas are the most common user of this mic.

It’s a USB microphone, which is awesome, but it’s also a very solid vocal. It’s not as loud as the other options on this list, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great choice. It’s a very clear mic with great presence and a beautiful sound.

This condenser microphone stands out from the crowd thanks in part to its incredible sensitivity. Sitting at -37dB of sensitivity, this mic has is incredibly receptive to vocals both loud and quiet, picking up the minute detail of any style of vocals thrown its way.

Finally, My Conclusion

There is truely awesome information for you if you`re searching to shop for a mic that your preferred singer used. Hence there are plenty of options, and you really can’t go wrong with any of these.

The SM58, Beta 58A, e835, OM-3, and Beta 87A are all more than capable of making your voice sound great as often as you need them to. Strapped for cash and need a solid mic? Try the Shure SM7B.

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